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Nick/Greg challenge fic - Denim 2: Dirty

Here's the second part in the Denim series. Well, it's not really a series, but more of a bunch of fics based around Greg's destroyed jeans. Same difference. I think there's going to be a total of 3 chapters, but there might end up being more.

Title: Denim
Chapter: 2/?
Chapter Title: Destroyed
Challenge: 9 Clothing
Rating: NC-17 for quickdirtysex
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Nick has a change of heart about Greg's jeans ;)
A/N: Picks up right from where Denim 1 left off.

Denim 1: Destroyed


Denim 2: Dirty

The waitress was blushing furiously as she started cleaning up the mess, muttering phrases like “I’m so sorry!” and “free meal.” Nick jumped to her aid, always the gentleman, while Greg sat at the table and tried not to laugh.

They didn’t have to wait long for another steak (which Nick took, letting Greg start on the one she didn’t drop) and, when finished, they got ice cream cones from a little place called Nathan’s.

“You gonna keep to your promise?” Greg asked hopefully when they arrived home, kicking off his flip flops.

“I don’t remember making a promise. What promise?” Nick replied, his back turned.

“This one.”

Nick turned around just in time to see Greg toss his shirt to the side and unzip his jeans a bit, just enough to show the waistband of his boxers. “Should I go farther?” he teased.

Nick licked his lips. His cock was hardening inside his own jeans. “Leave ‘em on,” he said gruffly.

He advanced on Greg, pushing him against the doorway and bringing his body flush with Greg’s. Nick kissed him hard on the lips and stripped off his own shirt. He began to slowly tongue his way down Greg’s body, sucking along his jawline and neck, lightly biting his nipples. He traced each muscle on Greg’s stomach. The bulge in his jeans was resting hot against Nick’s chest.

On his knees, Nick looked up at Greg, who was standing with both hands splayed out on the door. He squeezed the ridge made by Greg’s cock in the denim and Greg jumped. “Suck it, Nick,” Greg groaned.

Nick wasn’t ready to take it into his mouth yet. He admired the way Greg’s cock was outlined, the way the head pushed at one of the holes in the pocket. Nick ran his fingers along Greg’s cock once more, and he gasped in pleasure.

Nick reached inside Greg’s jeans, the contact even hotter through the thin cotton. He pulled the waistband of the boxers down so Greg’s cock could be freed.

The Texan bit his lip like he always did when he was turned on as he softly wrapped a fist around the base and slid up. Greg bucked his hips, urging his cock towards Nick’s mouth. Nick surprised Greg by sucking him down to the base, the sudden change from cool air to wet heat making him shout.

“Nick,” Greg started after a few seconds of silence, save for the sounds of Nick enjoying Greg’s cock.

“Yeah baby?”

“Jack off for me.”

“Anything,” Nick grinned, and as he took Greg’s cock into his mouth, he used one hand to get his jeans open and to pull his straining dick out. He started stroking in time with the blowjob he was giving. Greg lightly pulled on Nick’s hair, trying to resist the urge to face-fuck his boyfriend. Nick groaned around the cock in his mouth as he sped up his strokes and Greg’s breathing became more erratic. Greg came first, emptying himself into Nick’s hot mouth. Nick’s orgasm hit right after, his cum landing on the leg of Greg’s jeans.

Greg pulled Nick to his feet and kissed him, licking the rest of himself out of Nick’s mouth. He looked down at the new spots on his jeans and smiled.

“I hope they don’t come out,” he said as he pulled Nick to the bedroom.
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