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Nick/Greg challenge fic - Denim 1: Destroyed

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a destroyed jeans-kink and I think Greg would look so hot in them. Written for the ninth ngchallenge challenge.

Title: Denim
Chapter: 1/?
Chapter Title: Destroyed
Challenge: 9 Clothing
Rating: PG-13 for content
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Greg indulged himself in a little shopping. Nick’s not too happy about it…at first.


Denim 1: Destroyed

“You’re late, Greg,” Nick smirked as Greg pulled the restaurant chair out and sat down.

“Sorry, sorry! The case ran late and then I had to run out and get some things done and there was traffic-”

Nick held a hand out to silence his boyfriend. “It’s fine,” he chuckled. Immediately, the waitress appeared, smiling at the two attractive men. Greg ordered a Coke (Nick already had a beer sitting in front of him, and he had ordered steaks for both earlier) and she left to retrieve the drink.

“Did you do some shopping, Greg?” Nick asked, nodding towards Greg’s jeans.

“What? Oh, yeah! I’ve been meaning to buy these for a while!” Greg stuck a leg out, showing off the tears and tatters and paint splatters that decorated his denim.

“They’ve got holes in them! Please tell me you didn’t buy them that way!”

“That’s kind of the point of destroyed jeans, Nick.”

“Yeah? If I wanted holes in my jeans I’d rip ‘em myself. How much were they?”

Greg blushed, looked down at the Coke that the waitress had just brought.

“Well?” Nick leaned back in his chair, arms crossed. He knew Greg couldn’t control himself when he was shopping.



“They were on sale!”

Nick almost spit out his beer. “You can’t be serious!”

“Oh, come on, Nick! They were worth it!” Greg stood, lifting up his shirt so Nick could see the waistband. “They fit perfectly!” He turned around. “Check out my ass. It makes it look great.” He turned back so he was facing Nick. “And look at what they do to my package!”

It was Nick’s turn to flush scarlet. “Greg, people are staring.” He dropped his voice. “But they are pretty damn hot on you.”

“Told you.”

Nick leaned across the table, beckoning Greg to come closer. When he spoke again, Nick spoke with a thicker accent, knowing that it could make Greg hard within seconds. “Once I get you home, we’re gonna add some stains of our own, okay?”

Both heard a loud “Oh!” of surprise and turned to see the waitress with an embarrassed expression on her face, one of their steaks lying in a mess on the floor.

A/N: I have no idea how many chapters this series will have. I guess it's not really a series, but fics based around Nick, Greg, and denim. There will be at least 3, however.
A/N 2: Destroyed jeans *are* good for the ass and package! XD
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